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Past Events:

Future Care - held 10 May 2017, 10am - 3pm

Planning for dying gives you peace of mind for living

Dying Matters in North London
Wednesday 10 May 2017 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Finchley Memorial Hospital, Granville Road, N12 0JE

Come along and find out how to start the conversation about your future care so that you can make sure your wishes for your care and treatment are known about, respected and recorded.

This event is part of Dying Matters Week 8-14 May 2017.

Future Care Planning is about making decisions now for the future

It is about having conversations with your loved ones about your wishes and preferences to give you and them peace of mind.

Advocacy in Barnet Future Care Planners are highly trained, committed and experienced and can help you to plan your Future Care.

What to think about

All you have to think about is what is right for you, that is, where would you like to be cared for in your final days – home, hospice or nursing home? What medical interventions would you want - or not want - at a critical stage. Who would you want to make decisions for you if you could not make them yourself? Have you ever discussed any of this with your loved ones?

If not … Start the Conversation Now!

Why is it important?

● It avoids decisions about you being made in a crisis
● There is a better chance that your wishes for your end of life will become reality if your family and friends, and your health-care professionals know what you want
● It does not hasten your end!

How do I make a plan?

Making a plan could not be easier, with our help you can:

● tell your loved ones your wishes using an Advance Statement
● make a Lasting Power of Attorney (Health and Care Decisions)
● make an Advanced decision to Refuse Treatment if this is right for you
● make a funeral plan
● organise your paperwork
● consider whether you would like to become an organ donor